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Aloha and welcome!

If you want to see a Hawai`i Death with Dignity bill passed in 2017, NOW is the time to become actively involved. Our bill is in the draft stage and we will let you know more about that in the coming days.

If you’re not yet signed up to receive our email messages, please consider doing that now. It’s easy. Just look to your right and follow the easy opt-in instructions at “JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.” You should receive an immediate “Thank you” email. It’s that easy.

Because of many years laying the ground work in Hawai`i and across the nation, we are now poised to pass a Death With Dignity bill in 2017. It won’t be easy and our effort will require everyone’s strong commitment. We, your Hawai`i based on-the-ground organization cannot do it without your active engagement.

If you can send us a donation of any amount, please consider that too. Either use the “Donate” button (upper right) or you can send a check by snail mail to our national partnering organization:

Death With Dignity National Center
520 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1220
Portland, Oregon 97204

Mahalo for your interest and kokua. Should you have a question, please phone me after 8 am – Midnight 7 days a week. Regards – Scott Foster, Communications Director 808-590-5880 (on O`ahu).

P.S. View the latest (and earlier) Oregon State statistics HERE.

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