EDITOR’S NOTE:  Read the March 9, 2017, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Op-Ed, “The right to choose death provides peace of mind and relief” by our Scott Foster & Peg Sandeen, the Executive Director of the Death With Dignity National Center in Portland, Oregon HERE 

Friday, March 17, 2017
1:30 pm

As of this write, we have not received a hearing notice for our Senate Bill 1129, Senate Draft 2 (SB1129SD2) in the House Health Committee. Please contact the committee members HERE to phone and email them to ask that they “Please hear and pass Senate Bill 1129, Senate Draft 2.” We will be sending an email with instructions and talking points the moment we receive the hearing notice. Mahalo for your dedication to passing our bill this session. Regards – Scott Foster

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our Senate Bill 1129, Senate Draft1 PASSED the Hawai`i Senate with only three “NO” votes! Now on to the House. Please continue to check back here or at our Facebook page for the latest information. NOTE: We will be sending another “Action Alert” email the moment we officially know more about the House Committee referrals and can give you specific directions. If you’ve never received email from us before and want to become proactive, please sign up for our emails using the form on the right (or below if viewing on a SmartPhone).

Read SB1129 SD2 HERE

Our work to pass a Death With Dignity law in Hawai`i has been supported by the generous assistance of the Death With Dignity National Center (DWDNC) in Portland Oregon. The documented “80%” public approval in Hawai`i did not just happen; it was because of our ability to keep the issue in the public eye for over two decades and we can thank the DWDNC for this dramatic impact on local public opinion.

If you’re in a position to send a donation of any amount, please consider us. Either use the “Donate” button qt the right on our Web site (or below if viewing on a SmartPhone) or you may snail mail your check to our national partnering organization:

The Death With Dignity National Center
520 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1220
Portland, Oregon 97204

Mahalo! for your dedication and support over these many years. Regards – Scott Foster

P.S. The long effort to pass a Hawai`i Physicians Aid In Dying bill in 2017 has been greatly enhanced by a series of supportive broadcast and published media stories. Check them out in our Media Archive.

Navigating The Journey is a live weekly broadcast with host Marsha Joyner that explores the options and choices of end-of-life issues from religious, cultural, medical and legal perspectives. The shows are archived for later viewing on YouTube.


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